Leave Management

Crown Risk is the Expert in Leave Management

New York State Disability Law (NYSDBL)
Paid Family Leave (PFL)
The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Your employees are provided with a variety of leave rights, and each option has its own unique set of paperwork, benefits, constantly changing regulations, and legal obligations that extend to the employee and the employer. With all their work demands, it is more challenging than ever for your HR staff to have a high level of expertise in leave benefits. Increasingly inept carriers only add to your HR staff’s frustration, as they are then required to spend so much of their precious time resolving claim issues on behalf of disgruntled employees.

Crown Risk Management is the rare broker with a long tenured license as a Third-Party Administrator to handle all aspects of leave benefits. We have an experienced insurance defense/leave management attorney on staff to assist with all your needs.

  • We ensure your company always complies with New York State Law.
  • We ease your staff’s burden of administration, recordkeeping and resolving disputes.
  • We assist your employees in securing benefits they are entitled to receive.
  • We facilitate timely responses from, and dictate the best claims practices to, the carrier.

Your HR Staff is already overworked. Crown Risk can help.